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#1 Crypto currency In The Light Of A Nation’s Economy!

What is MaltaCoin ?

MaltaCoin is a token intended to be the coin which interfaces numerous diverse organizations together. As inflation leads to a loss of profits and security is attacked when managing well known monetary forms, for example, USD ,GBP and EUR. MaltaCoin is a crypto currency token based on a fast and cheap blockchain that guarantees the ability to function as a payment system for micro transactions , which makes it ideal for businesses to utilize. Having such great qualities as privacy for customers and being decentralized, MaltaCoin could become a decentralized banking alternative that’s esteem would be solely based of businesses,consumers and investors. Amid the ICO our team would be investing the according to  the monetary principals of Malta.Being a little island in the Mediterranean sea Malta,a nation lacking regular assets, stunningly soar monetarily.. Witnessing improvements during the past few years  of this little crypto-friendly island, Our team came to the conclusion that it would be a great start for this undertaking to be based of some effective financial standards which are perfect with digital forms of money. MaltaCoin offers various of different investment opportunities. Scroll down for more data !

Based On Waves

Being Based On The WAVES Blockchain Itself, MaltaCoin Could Benefit From Fast,Cheap And Secure Transactions. Also Able To Easily Be Traded On The WAVES PLATFORM DEX (Decentralised Exchange).



Being Easy To Manage, Recieve And Send Funds For A Very Cheap Price Of Less Than 10$ Per 1000 Transactions, It Could Be Utilized For Day To Day Use.


Being Decentralized And A Deflationary Token, MaltaCoin Wouldn't Loose Value Due To More Tokens Being Added Into Circulation.

Privacy And Confidentiality

P2P And DEX Trading, Give Investors An Opportunity To Keep Their Financial Portfolio Private.

We want to create that token that every human being could be able to use, a simple and efficient token that could indeed be the first national market based crypto currency.

Why Malta ?

Being a little country in the Mediterranean sea with a fast developing economy, it would be just right to start from Malta as it is also a Crypto-friendly country. With lots of tourists traveling to see the beauty of the island and foreign investors investing in the economy, Our team saw the opportunity of introducing a token that can grow in an environment that’s just right.

Our Vision

  • Introducing a simple to use crypto currency that can be comfortably,securely and confidentially  used by people especially those who form a part of the Maltese national market’s economy.
  • Not only the first crypto currency that would be a local market based crypto currency, but also a market based crypto currency for small countries.
  • A token that gains value while holding due to a limited number of coins and no inflation.
  • A crypto currency  that would be accepted as  payment and not only an investment.
  • An investment opportunity to unite people and improve their well being.
  • Revolutionary crypto currency acceptance as never seen before.
  • Taking crypto currency to a whole new level, starting from the smallest markets and gradually moving to bigger markets.


Malta is a hot destination for tourists, it’s the place where a tourist could see the rich history of the island and a widely developing economy  with new present day technologies.This is where MaltaCoin would take place, being the first national market based crypto currency it would be a new adventure for tourists and furthermore an appreciation of this new advanced world

 Early Investor Sale

Presale: 7 days

Crowdsale:  30 days

Based on WAVES Blockchain

Start price: 12000 MaltaCoin = 1 BTC, exchange rate from Waves DEX

Total Supply
Early Investor Sale (Only On Waves DEX BTC-MaltaCoin) Indentifier Will Appear After Countdown

MaltaCoin Budget

Marketing and Development
ICO + Early Investor Sale


Winter – Spring 2018

Early investor sale

Whitepaper construction

Platform development

User dashboard


Lending program

Summer – Autumn

Internal exchange

Android app

Security upgrades

Aggressive marketing

Winter 2018 – 2019

Listing on coinmarketcap

Trading on coinexchange.io

Local events and public introduction

Token promotion


MaltaCoin Platform (coming soon)


Daily Payout

Up To 49% Monthly

1% Daily Average Interest Rate

Maximum 200 Day Capital Release


        Monthly Payout

        Up To 5% Monthly

        End Any Time


Decentralized Internal Exchange

Trade With Other Traders

Low Fees


Multiple Cryto Currency wallets including
99% Uptime


MaltaCoin platform Application including all the features of the platform


Inbuilt secure and confidential community marketplace where investors could trade their coins for items and also base their businesses on MaltaCoin